Wherever I lay my hat…..

… I hope you are all now singing that delightful ballad from whichever era suits you (Paul Young for me a true 80’s child).  But it’s not true is it?  

It’s not true for my workshop either.  Technically wherever my machines, my cutting table and the kettle are that’s my workshop.  But what I’ve been struggling with over the last year though is how transient that is, how flimsy, how unsettling.  If there was a control freaks anonymous I’d be there,  first to stand up and confess my need to be the captain of my ship.

So when the possibility of being given notice to leave or even swallow a rent hike on my current unit was mooted something kinda snapped.  Yeah I am mostly cool, analytical, sensible even but I am also driven and liable to take risks others wouldn’t when my control button is pushed.  It’s not like I’m not self aware 😁😁

So today I put an offer in on a shop, yup, the whole ownership, hassle, mortgage, repairs, rates dealio.  I have no idea if the offer will be accepted it’s going to be a very loooong weekend.  But I am sure this is right for me, for Sewing Space, and I’ll keep looking if this is not THE place.

Beach Bag (seriously you could fit a beach in it!)

Before going on holiday I agreed to run a workshop to make a multi-pocket bag.  The ladies were going to buy fabric I’d make a template to save time on the day. Easy peasy.
If only! I started to measure and cut the template and realised it didn’t quite add up, literally.  I adjust my template but now I have a serious confidence problem, what if there are other mistakes?
So here is the completed trial bag in a gorgeous tribal material, pah to Kath Kidson florals!  I checked twice but it’s supposed to be this big (contents two A4 box files in the main compartment and A5 notebooks in the side pockets)




Back to school (well College)

On Monday I start another college course, a certificate in Education and Training.  For those not with modern qualifications (like me) a certificate is more than an A level but not a degree 😀
You might wonder, why? After all in the last 12 months I’ve been made redundant, got a qualification in Sewing,  a qualification in Teaching and set up a business.  And however passionate you are setting up a business is a full time job!
Well it’s like this: last week I had 2 new starters in Kids Sewing Club and 2 existing members.  To balance the needs of my more advanced whilst ensuring the newbies had a fun and rewarding first lesson, that’s not easy.  To be able to split my attention between 4 kids and 2 activities that’s hard (even after all the practice with my two small children).
So first of all hats off to EVERY teacher who manages this feat with up to 30 kids at a time!  You see I get all the breaks, I get well mannered children, who want to learn.  I get parents in the room, for toilet breaks and when they get hyper.  I currently only run 3 one hour sessions a week.  And it’s still daunting.  So it’s back to college to pick up as much as I can, to learn to be a better teacher.
And why is it important to me? Because in two weeks an 8 and 10 year old, who had never touched sewing machines, produced these.  And absolutely talked their dad’s ears off about what they’d done.  That’s worth the effort every day 💕



Getting There

I feel this post should start with an acknowledgements section as so many people have helped me with getting the new workshop ready.  But I won’t (yet) because it’s not quite done and no doubt my amazing friends and family will find themselves volunteering some more 😁
Here’s a preview of some new features that are taking shape.  The fitting room.


And the work tray storage for Kid’s Sewing Club and other regular visitors


Better get a wriggle on as I’ve workshops scheduled for Thursday!⏳:o

Launch Event

It’s been a crazy month but an awful lot has been achieved.  And for those of you supporting and following my journey I’d like to invite you to the Sewing Space launch event.

I’ll be having an open house (workshop/office) on Saturday the 19th of September from 3pm to 7pm.  Please feel free to drop by and have a look round.

There will be drinks and nibbles but also the opportunity to have a look at what I’ve got planned for the rest of the year.  And if you like you can make your own stuffie (sewing themed of course) or decorate a mini bag with sparkles.

I hope to see you there

Amanda xx
Sewing Space

Unit 20 Booth House, Featherstall Road South, Oldham. OL9 7TQ

Parking round the back 🙂

Applique Workshop 17th May 2015

20150517_083858Well what a busy day it’s been!  I confess I’m a bit of an organiser so I’ve been “staging” the things for the workshop since about Wednesday.  Still there’s always that last minute “What have I forgotten” moment when I set off.  Whatever it was today, we didn’t need it 🙂

And because I’m uncomfortable being on the last minute by 8:30 my boot looked like this, even though the room was booked from 12:30….

20150517_131458I’d not seen the room before but it worked out pretty well; room to wander round, nearby kettle, lots of tables and chairs.

Because everyone was starting a piece from nothing we spent most of the time making and cutting patterns, choosing fabric and cutting it out.  In fact I don’t think anyone finished a piece except the lovely Kaycee who was chuffed as anything with her cushion cover (no applique).

No one seemed to mind that we’d have to get back together to finish up so I’m pretty happy that they enjoyed themselves and like all good things I’ve left them wanting more!  Here are some pictures of their work so far…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Workshop Countdown

The last couple of days have been “organising” days.  The dreaded tax return has featured but then so has the Applique workshop I’m running on Sunday.  I’ve spent some more time making pattern templates which is fun in a geeky kinda way.  So now I have these guys in my collection

The dining room is now a staging area for all my fabrics, tools and of course my machine.  But I still felt unprepared and that’s because I haven’t actually proved any of my new patterns work.  Well you guessed it there really is only one way to test that.  So this afternoon has been spent cutting, ironing and sewing.  To produce this little dude….


And while he is very cute he’s also not very functional.  So I spent the rest of my afternoon making him a “friend” and turning the whole lot into a little shopper.


If you’d like to know more about my workshops then please use my feedback form or the comments on this post.

Workshop Preparation

The last two days have been very productive and so much fun.  I’ve been preparing for an Applique Workshop I’m running and I need some basic templates for people who don’t have a particular design in mind.  So meet Moggie, Doggie and Monkey!

I’ve sat here at my laptop creating not just the pictures but the patterns as well.  I guess it’s not everyone’s idea of fun but I’m looking forward to creating more.  I’m planning Owls, Dinosaurs and Swaddled Babies but if you have any suggestions you can use the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

And I admit I see monkeys and think of this so I created a more complex picture for those who really want to challenge themselves….

Mand Made Monkeys Three

If you’d be interested in a future workshop please use the feedback/contact form and I’ll let you know when the next one is.