The Bag Challenge

I thought I’d share what happens when one of my ladies sends me a make they’d like to try.  In this situation my role is to work out what we need and where the tricky bits or shortcuts are.

And this one, was a doozy from “Sew Brilliant Bags” by Debbie Shore

Pretty isn’t it, and with some interesting materials I’d never used before, fusible foam anyone?  I used the picture to work out what it would cost for all the ‘extras’.  This is important because I have to have a budget for the workshop and anything above that the ladies have to buy themselves.  I would do this job for free but unfortunately I have 2 kids and a mortgage 😕

Once we agreed it was feasible I was *forced* to enjoy a good cup of tea and a lovely chat in a nice Tea Room so Beryl could lend me the book.  Yeah life is hard sometimes.

As soon as I started working on the bag I knew we were in trouble!  The workshops are generally 2 hours and this is where I was after that much sewing time!

Um, OK where can I save time.  I can cut a pattern, I can precut the foam and the base board.  Not much really in the scheme of things.  It is of course always quicker the second time having run through it once but I take my timing for guided makes from my first time.

I warned the ladies, but we’re always up for a challenge so we went for it.  Unfortunately we had to call time after 4 hours (pesky kids and their swimming lessons).   This is the stage we got to…

It’s hard to see but the handles and pockets are on, the zips in, but it needs a base.  The ladies were confident they could finish at home so we packed up and they left with instructions to keep me posted!

It’s lovely to work with people who are enthusiastic and like to challenge themselves.  And it is so worth it, this is Beryl’s bag followed by mine.  Showing yet again the impact a fabric choice can have on the end result.  Till next time ladies 👊

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  1. Love the blog Amanda, we will have to work on Barbara to showcase her bag…..

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