Wherever I lay my hat…..

… I hope you are all now singing that delightful ballad from whichever era suits you (Paul Young for me a true 80’s child).  But it’s not true is it?  

It’s not true for my workshop either.  Technically wherever my machines, my cutting table and the kettle are that’s my workshop.  But what I’ve been struggling with over the last year though is how transient that is, how flimsy, how unsettling.  If there was a control freaks anonymous I’d be there,  first to stand up and confess my need to be the captain of my ship.

So when the possibility of being given notice to leave or even swallow a rent hike on my current unit was mooted something kinda snapped.  Yeah I am mostly cool, analytical, sensible even but I am also driven and liable to take risks others wouldn’t when my control button is pushed.  It’s not like I’m not self aware 😁😁

So today I put an offer in on a shop, yup, the whole ownership, hassle, mortgage, repairs, rates dealio.  I have no idea if the offer will be accepted it’s going to be a very loooong weekend.  But I am sure this is right for me, for Sewing Space, and I’ll keep looking if this is not THE place.