Moving on up

I recently decided Sewing Space has outgrown my current workshop.  Well not outgrown exactly, deserves better facilities 🙂

And for those of you that know me I tend not to hang about when I’ve made my mind up.  So within a couple of weeks I’d signed up for a new workshop, given notice on Booth House and started planning the move.  In simple terms I’m going to pick up (nearly) everything and move it but I don’t want to give up any working days so that’s not so easy.

Step in my amazing pops who is busy prepping and painting the new workshop while I have fun making Prom dresses and holding Kids Sewing Club.  He is an absolute star ♥

Here’s a couple of pictures of his work so far, a newly painted, clean floor.  Much easier to keep tidy than a carpet in a sewing workshop 😀

And by the way that’s an outlet for a sink, we’ll have running water no more running off to get the kettle filled, Yessssss!!